"My paintings aren’t of a place,
rather they are simply inspired by a place."


New hotel in Pakistan

Client: Agah kahn

Rogers Skydome, Toronto


David Dawson was born in Hamilton, Ontario, and raised in Ancaster and Galt. He is an honours graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design and an elected member of the Ontario Society of Artists. He began painting with oils at the age of ten and remembers, “my earliest inspiration in drawing came from my dad when my twin brother and I would sit on either side of him on his big armchair and watch him sketch bucking horses and cowboys”.


In today’s fast-paced digital world, a great painting can generate feelings of happiness, calm, remembrance and joy and can tie generations together. Few things allude to your intelligence and taste like an original painting in your home. In these times of cutback, teaching our children the value of art is almost entirely up to their parents, as schools eliminate arts programs altogether. A great painting represents the law of increasing returns, and over time it becomes a cherished member of the family.